Poly Lumber and Fasteners

Poly Lumber

Our furniture is crafted using only the very highest grade of poly lumber (High Density Polyethylene, or HDPE). The density and smoothness of oor furniture is far superior than that of similar brands due to extremely high quality control standards and special agreements between the manufacturer and its suppliers. This means no voids on the cut edges or rough, discolored surfaces on your fine piece of furniture. Made of nearly 100% recycled milk jugs, poly lumber offers many advantages over other materials used in outdoor furniture. It’s ecologically responsible, easy to care for, and needs no painting or indoor storage. Poly lumber will not crack, splinter or support bacterial growth. It remains unaffected by salt spray. The color is not a coating—it goes all the way through the material and is UV stabilized to resist fading.


Fasteners used on our furniture are AllochromeTM plated stainless steel. Used widely in the salt water marine industry, these fasteners are proven to be much more resistant to corrosion than normal 304 or 316 grade stainless steel.